Frank Silveira, the president of the Slayers motorcycle gang in Warwick, R.I., had scoured the coast of Maine to locate a safe offload site for several tons of marijuana. He settled on the quiet fishing village of Deer Isle. Frank needed to avoid the ever vigilant United States Coast Guard and this location was just far enough away from their prying eyes. All he needed to do now was to wait for the fishing trawler and its illegal cargo to arrive under the cover of darkness. Frank had planned for everything.

Everything, except Carl and Sam Peterson. The two teenage brothers had picked the same location as a clandestine meeting place to purchase a much smaller amount of pot. The chance meeting resulted in a kidnapping, a daring rescue and carnage usually reserved for the battlefield. Frank escaped and lived in exile waiting for the time when he could avenge the deaths of his friends and brothers.

Sam kept the secret of that night and never looked back. All that would change when he became a Maine State Trooper. Once again fate would determine the course of Sam’s life. After being promoted to detective his first assignment was to breathe new life into the cold case. Sam’s plan was to never solve the homicides but Carl had not kept the family secret. Sam had another problem. Frank decided seventeen years was long enough to wait.

ISBN 978-0-945980-98-8
Paperback 274 pages